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Hydraulic steel dam gate hoist
Hydraulic steel dam gate hoist

The main circuit of the hydraulic system has the following methods:

Power source circuit-generating a hydraulic source, including hydraulic pumps (driven by electric motors for stationary machinery and internal combustion engines for mobile machinery) and pressure control valves. Usually the pump runs continuously,

Therefore, accumulators and unloading circuits are often added to save energy and avoid heat generation. It is mainly composed of pressure regulating circuit, unloading circuit and accumulator circuit.

Pressure control circuit-In order to ensure the safety of the hydraulic system as a whole, a relief valve with high response speed is used. In addition, in order to comply with the force required by different systems, it is often used to reduce

Pressure valves, secondary valves, equalizing valves, pressure relays, etc., constitute some common pressure circuits. Mainly consists of pressure regulating circuit, pressure reducing circuit, boosting circuit, unloading

Circuit, pressure holding circuit, pressure relief circuit, equalization circuit, buffer circuit, safety circuit, etc.

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