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Hydraulic power station
Hydraulic power station

Composition and working principle of hydraulic system:

The transmission type that uses pressurized liquid as the working medium to stop energy transmission, conversion and control is called hydraulic transmission. Compared with mechanical transmission, hydraulic transmission has a large power-to-mass ratio

, It is convenient for stepless speed regulation and overload maintenance, and has many technical advantages such as sensitive planning. As an important technical means for modern machinery and equipment to complete transmission and control, it is used in modern agriculture and manufacturing.

Manufacturing, electric power and coal industry, oil and gas exploration and extraction and chemical engineering, mining and metallurgical engineering, transportation engineering, building materials construction industry, aerospace and river-sea engineering, scientific experiment installation, public

Common equipment and environmental protection, national defense and military engineering, etc. have been widely used.

The combination of hydraulic transmission and control mechanical equipment or installation, which can complete a certain function of hydraulic components is called a hydraulic circuit. In order to complete the work on a certain machine or installation

At the request, the whole connected or compounded by several specific fundamental circuits is called a hydraulic system.

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