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Integrated hydraulic hoist
Integrated hydraulic hoist

The hydraulic hoist is an assembly of hydraulic cylinder as the main body, oil pump, electric motor, hydraulic system, oil tank, oil filter, and hydraulic control valve. The working principle is based on the electric motor as the power source, the motor-driven two-way oil pump outputs pressure oil, and the piston rod is driven by the oil circuit manifold to control the opening and closing of the gate. Function details The hydraulic hoist produced by our company has the following obvious advantages: 1. Electrical control: completes the integration of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and instrumentation, completes on-site control, centralized control or computer control; 2. Operational functions: It has full active function to improve the stability and reliability of equipment operation; 3. Safety function: ①Strong overload maintenance capability, multiple overload active maintenance measures can be set, no motor burning, no stuck, no rust, no occurrence The equipment is damaged, ②strong self-locking function, can be controlled at any position to lock; ③large output force, stepless force adjustment, speed regulation, smooth movement, sensitive action, small impact force, and buffer function; 4. With opening indication, accurate and reliable , There is a light signal indicating on and off; 5. Structural design: fully enclosed structure, simple and compact structure, small size, high energy saving, high efficiency, hydraulic transmission and other advantages; 6. Service life: long service life, generally about 40 years; 7. On-site installation: simple installation and convenient debugging; 8. Scene placement: simple installation, strong adaptability, small size, no appendages, very good for scene water conservancy projects; 9. Development trend: a new and useful hydraulic The hoist has a wide range of applications and keeps up with the development of water conservancy projects. It is an ideal equipment for Jingxiang water conservancy projects. Application and use Hydraulic hoist is mainly used in water supply and drainage, hydropower and water conservancy projects to cut off, dredge water flow or adjust water level. The company's various water conservancy products are flexible, durable, well-sealed, and highly automated. They are ideal equipment for water conservancy projects.

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