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Opening ceremony stainless steel electric control box
Opening ceremony stainless steel electric control box

Function characteristics 1. The cabinet frame is made of 8MF steel, assembled by combination. 2. Each functional unit is relatively independent, and the propulsion mechanism adopts a lever propulsion mechanism. 3. Ensure that the same unit can be interchanged, improving the reliability of power supply. Operating environment 1. The ambient air temperature is not higher than +40℃ and not lower than -5℃. The uniform temperature within 24h shall not be higher than +35℃2, the relative humidity should not exceed 50% when the ultra-high temperature is +40℃, and higher relative humidity is allowed when the temperature is lower. For example: +90% at 20℃3, clean air, no corrosive and explosive gas, no conductive dust and can destroy insulation. 4. The altitude does not exceed 2000M. 5. The inclination of the device does not exceed 5°C. 6. The switchgear is suitable for transportation and storage at the following temperatures, from -25°C to +55°C, within a short time (not exceeding 24 hours) not exceeding +70°C; 7. The user should consult with the manufacturer if the above conditions are not met . The scope of application is suitable for power plants; Taijin steel rolling, petrochemical, light industrial textiles, ports, buildings, hotels and other places.

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