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Hoist stainless steel guard
Hoist stainless steel guard

The factory inspection of hoist hoist 1 door hoist and fixed hoist hoist shall be pre-assembled in Datianshui factory. The quality inspection department of the contractor shall follow the product design drawings, the technical terms of this contract and the "Fixed Roll The relevant rules in the General Technical Conditions of Lifting Hoist (SD315-89) and Standards for Manufacturing, Installation and Acceptance of Hydropower and Water Conservancy Engineering Hoist (DL/T5019-94), stop inspection and check the integrity of parts And the correctness of geometric dimensions. 2 According to design requirements and standards "Hydropower and Water Conservancy Engineering Hoist Manufacturing, Installation and Acceptance Standards" (DL/T5019-94), "Fixed Hoist Hoist General Technical Conditions" (SD315-89) and the contract document technology Request, stop trial operation and load test in the factory, check the deformation of the frame, electrical equipment and mechanical parts for abnormal heating, blocking, impact, damage and loose connection. After passing the inspection by the quality inspection department of the contractor, notify the developer, design representative, supervisor, and installation contractor to participate in the inspection and acceptance work under the supervision of the supervisor. After acceptance, the product qualification certificate will be issued to the contract issuer.

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