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Mud scraper
Mud scraper

Scraping mudCleaner, Is a kind of machine that sorts out sludge from the river. It is used in urban sewage treatment plants, water plants and industrial wastewater treatment in large-diameter round sedimentation tanks to remove the sludge settled at the bottom of the tank and skimming In addition to the scum on the pool surface.

Components: The mud scraper is composed of driving equipment, working bridge, main mud scraping equipment, auxiliary mud scraping equipment, center turntable, slag skimmer equipment, overflow weir and slag baffle, and current collection equipment. Regarding the central water inlet and surrounding water outlet sedimentation tanks, a diversion tube is generally required. In order to achieve better sedimentation and sludge drainage, our company has equipped with various types of complete sedimentation tank structure diagrams for reference.

Classification: Mud scraper mainly includes peripheral drive mud scraper and center drive thick mud scraper. The central drive thickened mud scraper is mainly composed of overflow equipment, beams and railings, imported pipes, transmission equipment, electrical boxes, steady flow cylinders, main shafts, scum rake plates, scraping equipment, underwater bearings, small scrapers, and slag buckets , Scum harrow board and other components. The central drive thickened sludge scraper can further separate the free water in the sludge of the thickening tank to reduce the volume of the sludge, increase the sludge concentration, and sweep the thickened sludge out of the tank.

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