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Explosion-proof electrical box
Explosion-proof electrical box

How to choose an explosion-proof distribution box accurately

1. In terms of selecting and purchasing explosion-proof power distribution boxes, you must choose standard explosion-proof box manufacturers and electrical components that are in severe demand. Some manufacturers who use inferior electrical components must be wiped out. Production manufacturers must also strictly stop production based on production demand, and continue to advance the nature of production workers, so that they can be serious about their homework and reduce the probability of inferior products. Manufacturers should stop testing the explosion-proof boxes produced, and fully do their homework for security inspections.

2. In terms of installation: Firstly, the color of all the wires on the white surface should be changed, and the switch should be marked with a white stop mark. All kinds of wires must be carefully and regularly discharged, and the strapping should be stopped. Suppose it is some very simple moving parts, which can be stopped by spikes. Assuming that the explosion-proof box is used for the surface installation method, the height from the ground is roughly 1.2 meters. Assuming that the box is an electric meter box, the distance is approximately 1.8 meters. It is definitely not possible to use electric welding to stop opening the hole in the explosion-proof box.

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