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Outlet weir slot
Outlet weir slot

The outlet weir plate of the sedimentation tank, the glass fiber reinforced plastic/PVC water outlet weir plate, and the collection weir plate. In order to avoid the deviation of the water flow in the pool, the outlet weir should be made as much as possible to ensure that the flow rate per unit length of the weir is equal; in order to reduce the movement in the direction of the outlet of the pool The flow rate should be controlled to stop the overflow of the weir per unit length. The normal primary sedimentation tank should be controlled within 27m³/(mh), and the secondary sedimentation tank should be within 7.0-10m³/(mh).
Most of the water outlet weirs are zigzag triangular weirs, which are usually made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, steel plate, aluminum alloy or PVC board, with a tooth depth of 50mm, a tooth pitch of 200mm, and a right angle, which are bolted to the wall of the outlet. The water level in the pool should be controlled at 1/2 of the height of the saw tooth. If a flat weir is used, the strict degree of construction is required. In order to adapt to changes in water flow or uneven settlement of structures, adjustments and installations that enable the weir to move up and down are required at the weir mouth.

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