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Outlet weir
Outlet weir

A weir is a water-passing structure in a water conservancy project. When the water is lower than the top of the weir, there is no water. At this time, the weir only plays a role of retaining water. If the upstream continues to receive water, the weir will raise the upstream water level. When the water level is higher than the top of the weir , The water overflows from the top of the weir. This is the meaning of the weir. Most of the weirs in water conservancy projects are rockfill dams or concrete dams whose crests can overflow. In laboratories or water treatment plants, weirs are often used to measure the flow of water. This type of weir has a relatively small flow rate. Therefore, this type of weir is to set a weir in the channel of flowing water. This weir can be made of wood. , Metal plate or cement plate is made into a plate with rectangular or triangular notches. This is what you call a weir.

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