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Stainless steel outdoor rainproof electric control box
Stainless steel outdoor rainproof electric control box

When laying out the wire, it is necessary to blank the material according to the actual length. The active wire harness should consider the length required for the largest limit position. When laying out the wire, try to use short and zero wire ends to avoid waste; secondary wires are not allowed to have intermediate joints, strong tensile wires and When the insulation is damaged, the wire arrangement should minimize bending and interpenetration. When bending, the bending radius should be no less than 3 times the outer diameter of the wire, and bend into an arc. When the wires are interspersed, a few wires should exceed many wires. , The thin wire exceeds the thick wire as the guideline; each wire should be pulled straight when wiring, the line should be straight and uniform, and the style is beautiful; when the wire passes through the metal plate hole, it is necessary to put a suitable maintenance material on the metal plate hole , Such as rubber protective ring; the wire harness is wound with a flame-retardant winding tube. In order to achieve the heat dissipation requirement when conducting electricity, the winding tube should have a gap of 3~10mm per round, and it can also be wound in sections. The interval between sections is 150 ~180mm, the winding length is 100mm. For the wire harness wound in sections, the sections should be uniform. Good and bad are not allowed to be uneven, and the wires should run in the wire trough.

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