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Solar steel gate
Solar steel gate

The solar steel gate hoist plays an important role in the drainage and water storage of the reservoir, but its start-stop operation generally requires electric drive, which brings certain restrictions to the use of the gate hoist, such as no power grid in some areas, and electricity The line cost is expensive, and the solar energy resources are abundant, which has the advantages of no pollution and no regional restrictions. Therefore, if solar energy is used as the driving energy for gate hoist, it can not only solve the power supply problem of gate hoist in the absence of mains power supply, but also help expand the scope of use of gate hoist in water conservancy and improve water resources. Utilization rate. Based on the analysis of the functional requirements and control mechanism of the solar gate hoist system, this paper analyzes the overall scheme of the gate hoist drive system, the parameter requirements of the medium and small gate hoist, and the output power of the solar cell based on the existing research results. Influencing factors, optimized MPPT control strategy, and brushless DC motor drive control strategy have been systematically studied. First, a mathematical model of solar cell output characteristics is established, various traditional high-power point tracking methods are analyzed, a variable step-length incremental conductance method based on data collection is proposed, and simulation is performed to verify the feasibility and effectiveness of the control algorithm.

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