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Belt conveyors
Belt conveyors

Usually, the use of conveyors is indispensable in the work of the factory production line, and the conveyor is one of the important parts in production. The conveyor is not only safe to operate, convenient, and simple to maintain, but also has the characteristics of large transportation volume and continuous transportation. Here is how to install the conveyor correctly.

1. First, install the relatively quick-rotating shaft on the winding iron core of the conveyor, and fix the roll at the same time. A problem that needs to be paid attention to before loading is to check whether the upper and lower covers are reversed.

2. When the space is relatively small, no

3. If you need to replace a new conveyor, you can connect the old conveyor with the new conveyor, disassemble the old conveyor and install the new one.

4. For conveyors that operate along the horizontal plane, we can cut off the conveyor on any surface, but for conveyors that operate in an oblique direction, it is necessary to find a good cut surface. If the conveyor is not found properly, it will cause the conveyor to slide down due to its own weight. Unable to control.

easy toHoistOn the shelf, the conveyor can be rolled up and then gradually unrolled, and it is necessary to ensure that the part of the conveyor stack is left with a larger radius of curvature to prevent the conveyor from being damaged, and avoid placing heavy objects in the stacking area.

5. After the new conveyor is set up on the conveyor, use a clamp to fix one side of the gluer, and then connect it with a rope that avoids the idler and the wheel, and use the traction equipment to evenly ride the conveyor to the conveyor and pull In the process, it is necessary to pay attention not to squeeze each other with the rack.

6. After fixing one side of the conveyor on the conveyor with a clamp, tighten the other side of the conveyor with a pulley until the conveyor stops with no remaining.

7. Place the tensioning device firmly between 100 and 150 mm from the starting point.

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