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Grab cleaning machine
Grab cleaning machine

The grab cleaning machine is mainly composed of lifting organization, hydraulic cleaning grab, support, electrical equipment, etc., and is used in conjunction with the dam crest gate crane. The total weight of a cleaning structure is about 25t.

1. Hydraulic cleaning grab

The cleaning grab is a hydraulic grab. The opening and closing of the grab is controlled by a hydraulic cylinder. The bucket has a width of 3.0m and a capacity of 2m.

2. Lifting organization of cleaning grab

The grab lifting organization of the dirt cleaner is mainly composed of a bracket and a fixed winch. The bracket is supported on the upstream door crane beam and the track beam with the dirt cleaner, and the fixed winch is selected to drive the grab for lifting.

3. Walking organization of grab cleaning machine

The grab cleaner uses the dam crest gate crane as the walking organization of the cleaner, that is, the positioning and unloading of the sewage cleaner is completed by the dam crest gate crane through the lifting and transportation cleaner.

4. The electrical system of the grab cleaning machine

The electrical system of the grab cleaning machine includes transmission, control and electrical protection systems, mainly the operation control of the lifting organization, the opening and closing of the grab. The electrical control and operating elements of the dirt cleaner are all arranged in a control box, which can be placed in the door operator's cab.

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