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Smash type grille machine
Smash type grille machine

Single drum destruction grille

The single-drum destructive grille adopts a single-drum structure, which is superior in functionality, durability, repair cost and ease of installation. It is composed of a rotating drum grid and a titanium alloy cutting blade destroyer, which can destroy difficult-to-handle solid particles into handleable small particles at a flow rate of up to 2475m3/h. The new stainless steel shaftless drum has a forward capture efficiency, which increases the flow rate, prevents objects from surrounding and becomes stronger. The unique design of the drum-type destructive grille advances the capture rate of solids, better protects downstream equipment, and reduces long-term repair costs.

working principle

With good titanium alloy cutting blade planning, the advancement of skills and planning transformation over the past decades have established a set of useful and reliable product standards. Titanium alloy cutting blades can chop up a variety of solid particles that damage other equipment, and are proven to be suitable for various harsh environments.

1. The solid particles enter the cutting area along with the sewage;

2. The solid particles are trapped by the drum and output to the cutting chamber;

3. Most of the sewage and small enough particles pass through the drum area;

4. The solid particles are cut and pass through the cutting chamber;

5. The destroyed particles flow downwards.


1. Double shaft destroyer

It is suitable for more solid particles than the single-axis destroyer, and the two counter-rotating shafts destroy the particles between the two-axis;

2. Shaftless drum

Stainless steel raw materials, various sizes of grid gaps are available, including 6mm;

3. Blade selection

According to the needs of various tooth profile planning, in order to adapt to various special situations, the gap between the drum and breaker is small.

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