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Safety should be the top priority during the operation of hoist

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2020-08-14

Safety should be the top priority during the operation of hoist

1. The project starting unit shall install the hoist on a flat and solid foundation with a satisfactory horizon. The fuselage and ground anchor must be firm. It is required that the core line of the gate hoist and the guide wheel shaft should be vertically aligned, and the distance between the gate hoist and the wheel shaft should generally be no less than 15 meters.

2. Before adjusting and installing, check the wire ropes, separators, brakes, guarantee ratchets, drive axles, etc., and confirm that they are safe and reliable before operation. The wire rope must be arranged neatly on the drum, and three turns must be kept during operation. During operation, no one is allowed to jump over the wire rope of the gate hoist to avoid being exposed.

3. When lifting heavy objects to stay in the air, in addition to using the brake, a ratchet wheel should be used to ensure the securing. During operation, it is forbidden to leave the post on their own terms. 4. In the office, you must obey the signal of the person in charge of the command. When the signal is unknown or may cause an accident, the operation should be suspended, and the operation can be continued after the situation is clarified. If there is a sudden power failure during operation, the knife should be opened immediately and the transported objects should be put down.

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