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Why is the gate of the gate hoist easy to shake when it is raised

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2020-07-24

Why is the gate of the gate hoist easy to shake when it is raised

The machinery used to open and close the gate is the gate hoist, also known as gate operating equipment. The gate hoist is related to the normal operation of hydraulic structures. In addition to meeting the design requirements of general hoisting machinery, safe and reliable work and flexible and convenient operation have special significance.

The gate hoist is classified according to the characteristic category of the gate. Generally divided into plane gate hoist, radial gate hoist and herringbone gate hoist, etc. It is usually used to name the operating equipment of the gate with its comprehensive characteristics, that is, the hoist is a screw hoist, a hoist hoist, a hydraulic hoist, a trolley hoist, a gate hoist, etc. . The gate hoist is made according to the different materials of the gate leaf and its position, size, design head and application premise in the hydraulic structure to determine how to connect with the gate.

Take the cast iron gate as an example to show how they are connected.

1. Lift the gate to the installation position: When lifting the cast iron gate with a crane, use the anchor bolt hole of the gate to lift, try to lift the door body and the door frame together, when the volume of the gate is too large, or the site cannot be integrated When lifting, the door body and the door frame can be disassembled and then lifted separately, but the sealing surface is protected.

2. Install the door body: check the gap between the upper and lower sealing surfaces of the cast iron gate with a feeler gauge, and be sure to keep the gap within 0.1mm. If the gap exceeds the standard, you can pad a suitable inclined iron on the back of the door frame where the limit is exceeded. Slowly loosen the anchor bolts until the clearance is qualified.

3. Pouring concrete: When installing the cast iron gate, the original cement slab will be damaged, so the concrete panel around the gate is used for secondary irrigation with fine mortar concrete to achieve the purpose of fixing. It should be noted that plain concrete must not be used, and it must be tamped with a vibrating pump after pouring. When the secondary pouring concrete is completely solidified, the fixing nut should be checked.

4. Install the gate hoist: before installation, draw the corresponding cross line on the hoist bottom plate and the platform, and then correspond the center of the gate hoist to the cross line on the platform, and use the level to adjust the hoist bottom plate. Then move the lower end of the screw rod and the gate lug to the corresponding position, and check the verticality of the screw rod to make the error less than 1/500mm.

5. Install the shaft guide frame body: install the shaft guide frame body to the finger position and fasten it with the sleeve pre-set on the screw rod to ensure that the shaft guide frame tube and the screw rod are in a concentric position. It is a shaft guide of the lower part, so that the distance of the gate lifting lug is greater than the gate diameter, and the remaining shaft guides cannot touch the screw connecting sleeve during the opening and closing of the gate.

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