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Four prerequisites for improving the quality of hoisting hoist

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2020-04-27

Four prerequisites for improving the quality of hoisting hoist

There are four premises:

1. There are scientific, reasonable and feasible process documents and process processes subject to strict and effective control.

2. There are design drawings and materials that conform to the contract skill items and the current skill specifications and regulations.

3. Have superior market conditions.

4. There is a reliable internal and external quality assurance.

There are multiple special models of hoisting hoist for different environments and facilities, such as fast opening and closing type, gate opening and closing speed is faster, high-lift type opening and closing vertical distance is very high. The hoist hoist is connected to the gate with a steel cable or a steel cable pulley block, and the hoist drum is wound and placed by the gear transmission system to drive the lift. The machine is also called a fixed steel hoist.

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