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The purpose of the cleaning machine determines its market size

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2020-06-28

The purpose of the cleaning machine determines its market size

The cleaning machine has a wide range of uses, especially in water conservancy projects. The cleaning machine is a mechanical equipment that removes debris attached to the trash rack.

In order to ensure the safe and normal operation of hydropower stations or pumping stations on reservoirs or rivers with a lot of dirt, it is often necessary to set up a cleaning machine to clean up the pollution without shutting down or emptying the reservoir. It adopts high precision As the power source, the geared motor has high reliability and can ensure that the equipment runs around the clock without the trouble of maintenance. The noise is extremely low and will not affect the environmental level of the workplace.

The cleaning machine is divided into barrier-free cleaning machine, grab cleaning machine, fixed grid cleaning machine, scraper cleaning machine, automatic cleaning machine and trash rack.

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