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Explain the inspection method after the failure of the cast iron shutter

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2020-05-31

Explain the inspection method after the failure of the cast iron shutter

If the buckle fails, how should we check the fault? The editor of the gate hoist manufacturer will introduce us how to check when the cast iron buckle fails.

1. It may be that the planned sluice surface is too light, and there is no pressure to satisfy, resulting in water leakage. The solution is to add some weight to increase the pressure of the door cover to solve the problem of water leakage.

2. The clasp door will be stuck with debris. The solution is to immediately clean the clasp door seal ring for aging or damage. This is usually the case after long-term use, or buy a new seal ring and put it on it.

3. Check if the sealing ring has fallen, if it has fallen, reinstall it.

4. Check if the door cover is damaged. If there is damage, it can be an excellent way to correct the damaged area.

5. Check whether the door cover is deformed. If there is deformation, correct it yourself.

6. Check that the door seat is not damaged, and if it is damaged, correct it.

The cast iron gate slot matches well with the panel before leaving the factory. It is usually recommended not to exchange, which will also affect the sealing effect of the cast iron gate. If the door slot is not handled well, it will cause cracks, because the face of the water is set according to the needs. If the direction of the installation is uncertain, it is very easy to change the direction of the power to make the appearance crack.

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