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The use characteristics of steel gate and its maintenance method

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2020-06-08

The use characteristics of steel gate and its maintenance method

The scope of application of steel gates is mainly in power, environmental protection and sewage treatment. The main function of steel gates is to treat and control the size of the water flow. It can be used to adjust the flow rate. It can also be controlled at the water level. It can be called a practical gate. The steel gate is mainly composed of steel materials. Its quality is very good. It belongs to a very light and high-strength material with good load-bearing capacity and can carry a certain weight.

The composition of the gate is also quite distinctive. It can be a flat leaf steel gate, its water retaining panel is flat, and the other is a curved steel gate. Its water retaining panel is different in curved Characteristic. The two types of gates may appear different on the water retaining panel, but the functions they implement are the same, but they are different in structure.

It is mainly a kind of movable structure that can be opened and closed. It can adjust the flow well, play the role of flow control, and can also control the water level, which can realize the effect of transporting ships. , Is a very practical gate. In the steel gate, it can be classified into many types according to its nature and leaf shape.

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