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Different styles of cleaning machine functions, instructions for maintenance work

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2020-06-15

Different styles of cleaning machine functions, detailed description of maintenance work

The rake bucket cleaning machine is more suitable for the deep-hole type (above 20 meters) water intake hydropower station with a high flow rate across the grid (above 20 meters). The single working cycle is longer, the unit cleaning volume is large, and the cleaning efficiency is high.

Rotary cleaning machines are more suitable for pumping stations or hydropower stations with a low flow rate across the grid (below 2 meters). The cleaning efficiency is higher, but the centralized cleaning capacity is low, and the overload resistance is average.

As a kind of cleaning equipment, the sewage cleaner will be used in many water conservancy engineering facilities. It can clean up the debris in the water and effectively avoid the blockage of the gate and opening and closing equipment caused by harmful substances. Its application ensures the normal operation of the hydropower station jobs. Equipment such as the cleaning machine also needs daily maintenance. Only by putting the maintenance in place can the failure rate be effectively reduced and let it better serve our production and life.

Maintenance work needs to be carried out from two aspects, one is the maintenance and inspection of the cleaning machine, and the other is the daily maintenance. During the use of the cleaning machine, there will be vibrations. We can ignore the slight vibrations. However, if the vibration frequency is too large, in order to avoid affecting the normal operation, it is necessary to find out the cause of the fault in time and eliminate it in time. In the maintenance work of the cleaning machine, you can check the fixing condition of the bolts and the voltage condition.

The maintenance work is also divided into daily maintenance and regular maintenance. Daily maintenance mainly refers to a simple inspection of the cleaning machine after the completion of the daily work to confirm whether there are problems. Regular maintenance refers to a comprehensive and detailed inspection and maintenance work every once in a while, to find out the worn parts, apply lubricating oil or replace them.

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