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Hydraulic steel gates are not always equipped with screw hoists

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2020-05-06

We all know that not all steel gates use screw hoists. So, in the process of purchasing, for different gates, how should we choose the hoist? For steel gates for different purposes, we can use the following methods to purchase 1. For porous drains In terms of system accidents and the gate hoist for overhaul gates, mobile hoists are often used for operations. 2. For the hoist of the working gate of tidal sluice and sluice gate, the method of one gate and one machine is mostly adopted, which can effectively play a role of rapid opening and closing of the gate. 3. Regarding the selection of the hoist for the quick gate of the water inlet of the power station unit and the outlet of the pumping station, we comprehensively consider it according to the project layout and the gate's opening and closing load. However, hoisting hoist or hydraulic fast gate hoist is generally selected. 4. When the water inlet of a multi-unit power station is equipped with an overhaul gate, we generally choose a mobile hoist. However, in some other special cases, we coordinate the use of hoist with some overhaul gates of overflow and discharge systems.

Use and maintenance of steel gate: 1. When using a manual hoist to open and close the gate, the force should be even, do not use too much force to prevent damage (injury) as the equipment. 2. When using a flashlight dual-purpose hoist to open and close the gate, you should pay attention to: a. When using an electric opening and closing, you should check whether the hand crank is off the shaft to prevent people from being injured when starting. b. When opening and closing manually, the power supply should be blocked, and the crank handle should be pierced into the hole to swing (or cut the electric symbol on the electric device into the manual symbol). c. Fill the bearings of the gate hoist, drive screws, nuts, etc. with lubricating fluid 1-2 times every 2-3 months. During major maintenance, the bearings should be filled with butter. d. Paint and anti-corrosion treatment should be applied to the gate once a year.

Steel gates are control equipment on various channels in water conservancy and hydropower projects, and are widely used in small and medium-sized water conservancy and hydropower projects, municipal water supply and drainage projects, aquaculture, farmland irrigation and other water conservancy projects. It is used to control the water level and adjust the flow rate. The gate is composed of a gate, a gate frame, a pressure plate, a water stop pin, and a hanging nose. 1. Before installing the gate, first check whether the bolts of each connection part are loose due to transportation and handling. If they are loose, they should be tightened. 2. Check whether the water stop surface on the connection between the main vertical frame and the horizontal frame is misaligned. If it is misaligned, loosen the connecting bolts to adjust the water stop surface in the same plane. 3. When installing the gate, it should be installed in place as a whole, and separate installation of the gate frame and gate plate is prohibited to prevent deformation of the gate frame. 4. Before the second stage of pouring, hoist the gate as a whole and find the correct positions of the front, back, left and right, and then adjust the bolts and the engineering reinforcement to be welded firmly.

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