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How to overhaul the necessary parts of the steel gate

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2020-05-12

How to overhaul the necessary parts of the steel gate

Steel gate is a common water blocking and waterstop machine equipment in water supply and drainage engineering, water conservancy engineering, and hydropower installation engineering. It is composed of door frame, gate, sealing ring and adjustable wedge-shaped pressing block. After the steel gate is damaged for a long time, its raised surface can be adjusted according to the wedge block to ensure that everything is working normally.

The steel gate is made of high-quality thick steel plates, vulcanized rubber waterstops, and anti-corrosion methods are used as the surface to carry out sandblasting, antirust treatment and hot zinc spraying. The steel gates have reasonable configuration, firmness, strong wear and corrosion resistance, and reliable performance. Spectrum; features such as convenient installation, adjustment, adoption, and maintenance. Performance: All light steel structures are made of cold drawn thick-walled steel prefabricated components management system, and the steel frame is made of very anti-corrosion high-strength cold-rolled galvanized steel plate, which reasonably prevents the thick steel plate from rusting in the whole process of construction and use. The hazards of light steel structure have increased the service life of prefabricated components. The service life of the structure reaches 30 years.

When disassembling and assembling the regulating valve of the steel gate, mark the connecting part of the actuator that matches the oil circuit board, separate the actuator from the upper valve cover, separate the upper valve cover from the oil circuit board, and remove the upper valve cover and stuffing box parts Later, the valve core, valve stem and other parts can be removed from the oil circuit board. Be sure to carefully carry out all the parts and components that have been disassembled, so as to facilitate the decision on the parts that must be repaired and replaced.

After all parts and components are repaired, they must be assembled again. In the whole process of assembling, pay attention to the use of suitable gaskets and screw connections, accurate alignment, and evenly tightened to avoid flange leakage. The torque load of the anchor bolt or stud bolt is related to its specifications, and it is not allowed to tighten too much. The type, total number and installation method of the fillers immediately jeopardize the sealing performance, so you can't take a fluke in the assembly line. After reassembling the actuator, it is necessary to release suitable lubricating fluid for each friction part, which includes the valve stem and the guiding part, the actuator push rod and the guiding part.

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