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Do you know the purpose of grab type sewage cleaner in water?

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2020-05-18

Do you know the purpose of grab type sewage cleaner in water?

1. The unique driving guide rail design makes it meet the requirements of various sites without any civil construction changes. It is an ideal choice for the replacement of existing system equipment.

2. The equipment mainly consists of a load trolley and a grab device. An XY series mobile grille cleaning machine can serve multiple sets of grilles. The driving rail is equipped with a positioning device to make the pulley and grab stop accurately at each Scratch the stain to scratch.

3. The unique design structure of the grabbing bucket can closely mesh with the grille bars when grabbing dirt, so that hairy dirt and entanglements around the grille can be removed.

4. The driving rails are across the water intake, and the control cables are also arranged along the way, so the grille platform should be very clean.

5. The lifting and lowering of the grab bucket does not require any guide rail device, which reduces the wear of parts and the energy loss caused by it.

6. The machine has simple mechanical structure and imported PLC control for electrical, so the equipment has high stability and low maintenance workload

7. The sewage grab adopts a back net structure, which also removes fine suspended matter when intercepting large dirt, which can greatly reduce the work load of the rear filter.

8. It has the advantages of large processing capacity, wide operation area, strong adaptability, good structure performance, good working environment, long service life, low civil construction investment, excellent cost performance, high degree of automation, and good processing capacity.

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