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On the Application and Benefit of Rotary Cleaner

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2020-04-08

On the Application and Benefit of Rotary Cleaner

A large amount of dirt is often accumulated in front of the water inlet of pumping stations and hydropower stations. If it is not cleared in time, it will affect the output of the unit at a minimum, and block or even crush the trash rack, endanger the normal operation of the pump station and power station, and even cause greater losses. For small and medium-sized hydropower stations and pumping stations, the installation of rotary cleaners has more significant benefits. Take a power plant in Hunan Electric Power as an example. The power plant is a low-head runoff power station with an axial-flow rotary-propeller unit. Due to the lush forests in the upper reaches of the river, there are a lot of bamboo branches. Straws and trees descend down the river during the flood season and are absorbed by the power generation bow|In front of the trash rack, the thickness is as high as 4-5 meters, and as far as 8-10 meters in front of the trash rack, the flow area of ​​the trash rack decreases, the reference flow rate decreases, the grid pressure difference increases, the power generation load decreases, and the electricity loss. According to hydrological operation statistics, the annual loss of electricity is more than 4.8 million kw.h. Due to the excessive pressure difference of the grid, it directly threatens the safety of hydraulic structures. The load rejection of the unit must be used to generate reverse water hammer, and it can be maintained with manual cleaning. The operation of power generation seriously disturbs the normal safety production order and causes huge impact damage to the unit. After retrofitting and installing the HQN rotary cleaning machine, after several times of flood tests, please do not achieve the full load during the flood period (the reference flow rate of power generation is 310m3/s), the flow velocity across the grid is less than 2m/s, and the grid pressure difference is less than 0.2 m, continuous uninterrupted and trouble-free operation for more than 500 hours during the flood period, which fully guarantees the normal operation of the unit. The investment in the transformation of the sewage cleaning machine of the hydropower station is F", and the economic benefits are explained. The investment in the sewage cleaning machine and the corresponding civil engineering transformation is 1.5 million yuan. Only during the flood period, it is possible to avoid the shutdown of the unit due to the clogging of the sewage and increase the power generation by 2.96 million kw.h. The on-grid electricity price of the local small hydropower station is 0.29 yuan, and the direct economic benefit of 1,496,400 yuan can be taken, which can basically recover all the investment every year. In addition, it can save nearly 100,000 yuan in manual cleaning costs each year, eliminating the hidden safety hazards caused by manual cleaning. It avoids the hazard of shutdown and load rejection to the unit and prolongs the service life of the unit. In summary, the working principle of the rotary cleaning machine is simple, long-term operation is reliable, maintenance is convenient, and it has a high input and output. It can bring significant economic benefits, safety benefits, and social benefits to various small hydropower stations and pumping stations. The successful use experience in the past two decades fully shows that the rotary cleaner type small and medium hydropower stations and pumping stations should not be equipped The superiority of choice is obvious.

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