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Reasons for corrosion of steel gates and solutions

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2020-04-17

Reasons for corrosion of steel gates and solutions

The steel gate is immersed in sea water, fresh water and industrial waste water for a long time, and it is inevitable that there will be friction and level changes, combined with the effects of sunlight and air, and the formation of a bad working environment. Corrosion, and the following detailed corrosion factors are introduced:

The steel gate is the control level of an important part of the hydraulic structure. Therefore, in the long-term immersion of Yushuixia, the open and closed stones will frequently alternate between dry and wet. When they are subject to water, sediment erosion, ice and other floating When the steel is susceptible to corrosion, its load-bearing capacity decreases, which seriously affects the safety of hydraulic engineering.

For these corrosive conditions, we can take paint protection measures, but the maintenance costs of the measures are quite high, but if the seawater of the steel gate valve corrodes, this measure will soon fail, the entire door experience is unstable and damaged, and normal operation cannot be continued.

We know that the problem will not only affect the structure and the safe operation of corrosion, but also consume a lot of manpower, material and financial resources. At night, it can effectively control the corrosion of steel bars, extend the life of the door, ensure the safety of water conservancy and hydropower projects, and long-term resistance. Corroded steel gates must attach great importance to this issue

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