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Talking about the cast iron inspection standard of cast iron gate

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2020-02-18

Talking about the cast iron inspection standard of cast iron gate

According to related introduction, the cast iron gate is usually equipped with manual or electric screw type hoist, and the cast iron gate is used to operate the opening and closing of the gate. The cast iron gate is generally provided with an adjustable wedge device, and the wedge pair is respectively arranged on the door body and the door frame. The cast iron gate adjustment wedge device can make the door body close to the door frame when the gate is closed to meet the water-stop requirements.

The editor learned that there are the following types of cast iron inspection standards for cast iron gates:

1. Dimension inspection: check whether the size of the casting corresponds to the requirements of the part drawing, and whether the dimensional accuracy of the processed surface can meet the assembly use;

2. Appearance inspection: No uncleaned sand and debris are allowed on the surface of the casting;

3. Casting defects: Shrinkage porosity, shrinkage holes, pores, cracks, skin seams, lack of meat and other defects or phenomena are not allowed on the surface of the cast iron gate;

4. Performance report: mechanical properties (including tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, hardness, pressure index or necessary low-temperature performance inspection)

5. Chemical inspection: provide a chemical composition report to observe whether the chemical composition is designed according to the target composition;

6. Metallographic report: spheroidization rate and spheroidization grade of cast iron gates.


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