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Steel gate-flat steel gate-stainless steel cast iron gate

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2020-03-17

Stainless steel cast iron gates are mainly used in water supply and drainage, flood control, irrigation, water conservancy, and hydropower projects. They are used to cut off and dredge the water flow or adjust the water level. The cast iron gate has a reasonable structure, is durable, easy to install, simple and flexible to operate, and easy to manage.

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The mechanical properties of the cast iron gate should meet the requirements. The mechanical properties of cast copper alloys should comply with regulations.

2 The molding sand, oxide scale, riser, gate and fleshy etc. attached to the surface of cast iron parts should be removed.

3 The main cast iron parts (such as door frames, door panels and guide rails) should be treated with aging.

4 The castings are not allowed to have defects such as cracks, looseness and insufficient pouring. If there are defects such as pores, shrinkage holes and slag holes, repair welding and repair should be made, but the quality of the casting must be guaranteed.

5 The casting deviation of castings should meet the requirements of gb 6414.

Main components of plane sliding cast iron gate

Door panel

1 The door panel shall be integrally cast, and the gate hole shall be provided with reinforcing ribs when the gate hole is 400mm and above.

2 The door panel should be designed according to the large working head, the safety factor of tensile, compression and shear strength should not be less than 5, and the deflection should not be more than 1/1500 of the length of the member.

3 The thickness of the door panel should add 2mm corrosion margin to the calculated thickness.

4 When the gate hole size is 600mm and above, the upper end of the door panel should be equipped with lifting rings or lifting holes for installation.

Door frame

1 The door frame should be integrally cast, and the safety factor of tensile, compressive and shear strength is not less than 5 under large working head.

2 The thickness of the door frame should add a corrosion margin of 2mm to the calculated thickness.

3 For wall-pipe-connected round gates, the connection size of the door frame flange should meet the requirements of gb 4216.2, and the flange bolt holes should be symmetrically and evenly distributed on both sides of the vertical centerline.

4 The position tolerance φt of the axis of the flange bolt hole d0 relative to the flange hole axis should meet the position tolerance of the flange bolt hole diameter d0 specified in the table below.

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