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Design regulations for water conservancy flap gates

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2020-01-07

1. For convenienceWater conservancy flap gateDuring manufacturing, transportation and installation, the design should consider:

(2) The transport unit should have the necessary rigidity, and the external dimensions and weight should meet the transport requirements.

2. An accident gate should be installed on the upstream side of the working gate of the drain hole. For gates with high heads and long discharge holes, the necessity of setting up maintenance gates in front of the accident gate should be studied.

3. The problems of cavitation, vibration, abrasion and opening and closing force that may occur during operation of important working gates in large-scale projects should be specially studied. Generally, effective measures can be taken from the aspects of vent, bottom edge type, door groove type, water stop type and operation method to avoid or reduce adverse effects as much as possible. If the water flow conditions are complex, a special model test study should be conducted.

4. For low-head arc gates, special attention should be paid to the dynamic stability of the support arm, and attention should be paid to maintenance and operation according to regulations, and should be guaranteed from the structure and structure of the support arm.

5. The closing time of the fast gate should meet the protection requirements of the unit and steel pipes. The descending speed of the fast gate should not be greater than 5m/min when it is close to the bottom threshold.

The fast gate hoist shall be capable of local operation and remote operation, and shall be equipped with reliable power supply and accurate opening indicating controller.

6. Strength check calculation: For gate load-bearing members and connectors, normal stress and shear stress shall be checked. In places subject to large normal stress and shear stress at the same time, the converted stress should be checked.

The calculated maximum stress value shall not exceed 5% of the allowable stress.

The longitudinal beams and panels of the arc gate can ignore the effect of curvature, and the calculations are approximated by straight beams and flat plates.

7. Stiffness checking calculation: the deflection of bending members should be checked. The ratio of the large deflection to the calculated span shall not exceed the following values:

(1) Main beam of down-the-hole working gate and accident gate, 1/750

(2) Main beam, 1/600 of exposed top working gate and accident gate

(3) Overhaul the main beam, 1/500 of the gate and trash rack

(4) Secondary beam, 1/250

8. Stability check calculation: For bending, compression and eccentric compression members, the overall stability and local stability shall be checked.

9. The thickness of steel plate or section of section steel of the load-bearing member of the gate shall not be less than:

(1) 6mm steel plate;

(2) Equilateral angle steel of L50mm×6mm;

(3) L63mm×40mm×6mm unequal angle steel;

(4) I-beam of mouth 2.6;

(5) [8's channel steel.

10. In the design, the layout of the welds should be as symmetric as possible to the center of gravity of the components. Do not enlarge the weld seam arbitrarily, and avoid three-dimensional intersection of weld seams and multiple weld seams in one place.

The structure of gate and embedded parts shall not adopt intermittent welds.

11. The structure bearing the main load shall not be connected by plug welding.

The above content is organized based on the problems encountered by the students in actual work for reference. If you have any problems, please communicate and correct them in time.

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