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The hoist hoist has a variety of structural arrangements

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2020-01-13

This kind of gate hoist can travel along a straight track or a curved track. The hoisting machine (hoisting maehine) is used to operate the mechanical equipment of the gate and the trash cabinet. The basic requirements for the gate hoist are: ① safe and reliable operation; ② convenient operation and maintenance; ③ simple structure, small size, light weight and beautiful appearance; ④ low cost and maintenance cost. The hoist is divided into fixed type and mobile type according to whether it is equipped with inner traveling mechanism. According to the driving mode, it is divided into manual drive, electric motor drive and internal machine drive; according to the transmission mode, it is divided into mechanical transmission and hydraulic transmission; according to the connecting component with the gate It is divided into two types: flexible component (such as steel wire rope, chain) connection and rigid component (such as screw, rack, piston rod) connection. Screw type, hoist type and hydraulic type hoist are fixed type hoist. The mobile hoist is a kind of machinery that runs along the track and can operate multiple gates and trash racks one by one, and also serves as the installation and maintenance of hoisting equipment. The screw hoist uses a force-transmitting screw and rotates the load-bearing nut to make The screw lifts the door leaf to achieve the purpose of opening and closing the gate. The capacity t of a single screw is generally up to 320 kN, large up to 750 kN; the stroke is within 5 m, and some can reach 7~sm. When the screw is descending, it can exert a certain downforce on the gate. This kind of hoist has simple structure, convenient operation and low cost. Its power can be manual or electric, and it is widely used in small water conservancy and hydropower projects. The hoisting hoist uses a steel wire rope as a load-bearing component, and lifts the gate through a pulley block and a transmission device; when closing the gate, the gate weight (including weight and water column weight, etc.) must be relied on. It has simple structure, convenient manufacture and maintenance, and is widely used in various water conservancy and hydropower projects. This kind of gate hoist has a variety of structural arrangements.

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