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High-quality grille cleaning machine manufacturer

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2020-01-18

High-quality grille cleaning machine manufacturer

The high-quality grille cleaner is one of the decontamination equipment produced by Rongcheng Water Conservancy, which can continuously and automatically intercept and remove various shapes of debris in the fluid. It can be widely used in urban sewage treatment. The water inlet of the tap water industry and power plant can also be used as the front-stage screening equipment in the wastewater treatment process of textile, food processing, papermaking, leather and other industries, and is a solid-liquid screening equipment. The grille cleaning machine is assembled into a set of rotary grille chains by a unique rake tooth factory. Driven by the motor reducer, the rake tooth chain rotates against the direction of the current. When the toothed chain runs to the upper part of the equipment, due to the guide of the sheave wheel and the curved rail, a relative self-cleaning movement occurs between each group of harrow teeth, and most of the solid matter falls by gravity. The other part relies on the reverse movement of the cleaner to clean the debris stuck to the rake teeth. According to the direction of the water flow, the rake chain is similar to the grille, and the rake tooth gap assembled on the rake chain shaft can be carried out according to the conditions of use. select. After the rake teeth separate the solid suspended matter in the fluid, the water can flow smoothly. The whole working process is continuous or intermittent.

The grille cleaning machine is a fixed continuous cleaning equipment that integrates pollution blocking and cleaning. The main grid body, the cleaning rake, the drive transmission system, and the auxiliary grid are composed of four parts; it is mainly used at the water intake of pumping stations, hydropower stations, inverted siphons and other hydraulic structures. It uses trash racks to intercept the water carried in the flow. Dirt (tree branches, leaves, weeds, household garbage, etc.), and use the rotating toothed rake to pick it up on the bridge, and use a belt conveyor or other methods to transport it away to prevent the dirt from entering the diversion channel and ensure the unit Or other equipment and structures proceed smoothly. The rotary cleaning machine has simple structure, good rigidity, stable operation, simple operation, good cleaning effect, high efficiency, low energy consumption and long life.

Order notice:

1. Known technical parameters of the cleaning machine

2. The number of rotary types (sets), working level, opening width (m), vertical installation height (m), installation angle (degrees), design head difference (m), cleaning capacity (t/h),

3. The specification and model of the dirt cleaning machine, the width of the tooth rake (m), the rotation speed (m/min) ≤0.1, the type of the reducer, the built-in type, the grid spacing, the flow velocity of the grid crossing m/s, the traction chain, and the type of dirt.

4. Equipment and rake tooth specifications:

The equipment specifications are divided into HF300-3600 type according to the machine width. If the machine width exceeds 1800mm, it will be made and connected. The grid gap is divided into 1mm, 3mm, 5mm, 10mm, 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm and other specifications. The grid gap is selected by the amount of water passing, the lifting height, the total amount of solid-liquid separation, and the shape and particle size of the separated material. The rake teeth made of ABS engineering plastics, nylon and stainless steel can be selected according to user needs; the main frame is made of stainless steel and carbon steel anti-corrosion.

5. Equipment length specifications:

The standard groove depth of the equipment is 1500mm, which can be widened and lengthened arbitrarily according to user needs and actual conditions.

6. The grille cleaning machine is made of 304 and 201, stainless steel, to meet the different needs of different customers in different places.

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