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Have you encountered these common failures of wire rope grille decontamination machine?

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2020-02-11

Have you encountered these common failures of wire rope grille cleaning machines?

Wire rope grille cleaning machine is a kind of cleaning machine that separates solid and liquid through the grille. It is mainly composed of lifting mechanism, dirt guide plate, tilting beam and pressure wheel, cleaning rake, guide rail, grille, etc. There are also alarm devices for loose rope maintenance, overload maintenance and dirt guide failure. Next, the staff of Xinhe County Huachuan Hydraulic Machinery Factory will explain to you the common faults and cause analysis of the grille cleaning machine.

Analysis of common faults and causes

01The grille cleaning machine does not descend to the bottom of the water chamber and turns the rake

1. The diameter of the left and right reel of the drive shaft is inconsistent. The drum is attributed to the lifting mechanism of the grille cleaning machine. The steel wire rope is directly and evenly wound on the drum. When the motor drives the transmission shaft to rotate, the drum will then drive the steel wire to make a straight lifting movement. If the diameters of the two drums are inconsistent, the descent speed of the wire ropes on both sides will be inconsistent, and the levelness of the wire rope cannot be guaranteed, and then the cleaning rake cannot be lowered horizontally. When the skew reaches a certain level (not to the bottom of the water chamber), the cleaning The friction between the dirt rake and the track increases, and then gets stuck on the track, and the rake bucket turns over by its own weight, and loses the function of dredging and decontamination.

2. The diameter of the wire ropes on both sides is inconsistent. The grille cleaning machine relies on two wire ropes to drive the cleaning rake up and down. Therefore, the inconsistent diameter of the wire rope will cause the cleaning rake to have a long wire rope while the other side is short during the descending process, and then make the cleaning rake If the level is skewed, and the friction with the track is increased to a certain level, the cleaning rake will automatically flip and lose the cleaning function.

3. The track flatness is not good (levelness, straightness). The part of the trolley in the cleaning rake rises and falls along the trajectory. If the level and straightness of its trajectory are not up to the planning requirements, the trajectory may be deformed due to the above two reasons. When the trolley descends to the trajectory deformation, because The gap between the guide wheel and the track is not good, and then the trolley is stuck on the track, the friction is too large and the harrow is turned over. 1SEC102DG descends to about -4.2m and actively turns the rake, and cannot continue to descend or rise.

02Do not turn the rake after the grille cleaning machine

1. There are large stones and other dirt stuck to the rake bucket at the bottom of the water chamber. When the grille cleaning machine descends to the bottom of the water chamber, the bottom stop of the trolley collides with the bottom stop of the track, the rake bucket flips by its own weight, and then achieves the function of dredging and cleaning, if there is a big rock at the bottom of the water chamber Perhaps other heavier dirt is stuck in the rake bucket, and the rake bucket cannot be turned over if it exceeds the critical point when it is turned over by its own gravity.

2. The rake teeth and the grid bar bite and block. After reaching the bottom of the water chamber, the rake bucket turned over, but because the grid was blocked, perhaps the cleaning rake did not descend in parallel, the teeth were skewed, the grid and the rake teeth were offset, and then the rake teeth and the rake were jammed, which eventually led to the cleaning. The dirty rake cannot be turned over normally.

3. The drive shaft and the bearing are jammed. The Qinshan two-core grille cleaning machine uses sliding bearings. If the cooperation gap between the sliding bearing and the shaft is overrun, it may be because when the cleaning rake enters the water, sand enters the sliding bearing, and the shaft cannot be blocked due to jamming. Action, after all, the cleaning rake cannot be turned over. The CRF system grille cleaning machine appeared to be unable to turn the harrow after all. After removing the bearing seat of the 1CRF103DG harrow bucket rotating shaft, it was found that the inside had been siltted and corroded seriously. The reason is that when the grille cleaning machine is running up and down, there is too much cement and sand in the inlet sea, which causes the bearing to wear, the shaft is stuck, and the rake cannot be turned.


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