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What is the function of the reducer of hoisting hoist

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2019-11-25

1. The cumulative touch points of the open gear pair of the hoisting gate hoist shall not be less than 50% in the tooth length direction and not less than 40% in the tooth height direction.

2. It is not allowed to file or grind gears to reach the designated touch area.

3. When the center distance of the open gear pair is less than 500mm, the small normal side clearance should be 0.3~0.6mm. When the center distance is 500~1000mm, the small normal side clearance is 0.4~0.8mm; when the center distance is 1000~2000mm, the small normal side clearance is 0.6~1.0mm.

4. The center distance of the open gear pair should not be greater than GB/t180.3 grade it9.

5. The gearbox can be made of welded structural parts and castings. The gearbox should be aged before treatment.

6. Check the items as follows: the change value of the normal length of the public service group I, the deviation value of the circumferential section of the public service group II, and the percentage of touch marks on the tooth surface expansion map of the public service group III.

7. The accuracy of the reducer on the hoisting hoist should be in accordance with the 8-8-7 level of GB/t10095, and the project should be checked according to the design.

8. Welding corrections to the appearance and grooves of teeth are not allowed. When the number of teeth with such defects on a gear does not exceed 3, it can be considered qualified, and the marginal strain of the defect is dull.

9. The area of ​​a single defect in the shaft hole must not exceed 25mm2, the depth must not exceed 15% of the nominal wall thickness, the number of defects must not exceed 3, and the interval between two adjacent defects should not be less than 50mm. However, the marginal strain of the disadvantage is dull.

10. The joint surface of the reducer (including the tile cover) should be coated with a layer of liquid sealant, but no gasket should be placed, and the leaking sealant must be removed.

11. The gap between the assembled reducer and the surface of the joint shall not exceed 0.03mm anywhere.

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