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The hoist of a hoist is a machine that uses a steel cable or a steel cable pulley group as a sling to connect to the gate, and a gear transmission system makes the hoist drum wind and put the steel cable to drive up and down. It is an automatic closing machine and is widely used in planes. On the gate and the arc gate.

1. The wire ropes on the hoist hoist drum should be arranged neatly. If overlapping or oblique winding is found, stop the machine and rearrange it. It is strictly forbidden to pull the wire rope with hands or feet during rotation. In addition, the wire rope is not allowed to be fully released, and at least three turns should be retained.

2. The wire rope is not allowed to be knotted or twisted. When the wire is broken more than 10% within a pitch, it should be replaced.

3. During operation, no one is allowed to cross the wire rope; after the object is lifted, the operator is not allowed to leave the hoist; when resting, the object or cage should be lowered to the ground.

4. During the operation, the driver and signalman should maintain good visibility with the hoisted object. The driver and signalman should cooperate closely and obey the unified signal command.

5. It is strictly forbidden to use overloading, that is, to exceed the maximum load.

6. Be careful not to get knotted, flattened, damaged by electric arc, or corroded by chemical media during use.

7. Do not directly hoist high-temperature objects, and protect the objects with edges and corners.

8. The steel wire rope used should be checked frequently during use, and it should be scrapped immediately if it reaches the scrap standard.

9. In case of a power failure during operation, the power supply should be cut off and the lift should be lowered to the ground.

10. Obey the signal of the commander during work. If the signal is unknown or may cause an accident, the operation should be suspended, and the operation can be continued after the situation is clarified.

11. If there is a sudden power failure during operation, the knife should be opened immediately and the transported objects should be put down.

12. After the operation is completed, the material tray should be dropped to the ground and the electric box should be locked.

13. It is inevitable that the steel wire rope will be damaged by mechanical abrasion and natural corrosion during its use.

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