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On the advantages and disadvantages of pneumatic head hoist

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2019-11-04

The advantages of pneumatic head hoist products are:

1. Receive continuous air signals and output linear displacement (after power-on/air conversion device, continuous electrical signals can also be received)

2. With some rocker arms, angular displacement can be output. Function.

3. The moving speed is high, but the speed will slow down when the load increases.

4. The output force is related to the operating pressure.

5. High reliability, but the gate cannot be maintained after the air supply is interrupted (it can be maintained after adding a retaining valve).

6. Control and program control.

7. Simple maintenance and good adaptability to the environment.

8. Higher output power.

9. With explosion-proof function.

●Extruded lithium (ASTM6005) cylinder body, fine grinding and finishing of the inner surface, internal and anti-corrosion technology, low friction coefficient of the cylinder, long service life and strong corrosion resistance. ●Double-piston rack and pinion design, compact structure, symmetrical installation position, easy to change the output shaft steering, long service life, fast action, composite bearing and guide ring are installed on the surface, precise action, small friction coefficient and long service life. ●Combined preload plated spring with long working life. ●High-precision gears and racks, small toothing clearance, high precision, output power fasteners, safe and beautiful, and strong corrosion resistance. The shortcomings of pneumatic head hoist products: low control accuracy, double-acting pneumatic actuator, can not return to the preset position after the air source is cut off. For single-acting pneumatic actuators, the cut-off spring returns to the preset position.

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