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Stainless steel fence

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2019-09-29

Stainless steel grille pollution is a kind of equipment that can automatically remove various shapes of debris in the fluid one after another. It is a device for solid-liquid separation. It can be widely used as a special equipment for urban sewage treatment, tap water occupations, and power plant inlets. At the same time, it can also be used as an indispensable special equipment in textile, food processing, papermaking, leather and other professional production processes. It is currently the solid-liquid separation equipment imported in China. The inverted mechanical grille is also called the grille.

Uses of stainless steel grille:

Stainless steel grille sewage manufacturers are used in urban sewage treatment plants, water plants, rainwater pumping stations and other water inlets to intercept floating objects in the water and ensure the normal operation of pumps and subsequent processes.

Features of stainless steel grille products:

1. Because the grid of the decontamination machine is placed in the middle position of the traction chain of the toothed harrow (other mechanical grids are placed under the traction chain), the direction of movement of the toothed harrow during the cleaning process is changed (opposite to other grids) , To prevent hard objects from being brought into the bottom to jam the tooth rake and traction chain;

2. An overload safety protection device is installed on the sprocket at the output shaft end of the reducer to prevent accidental overload and damage to the equipment;

3. Because the reversing chain of the grille machine is equipped with multiple decontamination tooth rake, the decontamination efficiency is high and the decontamination is thorough.

Stainless steel grille structure and working principle:

Stainless steel grille pollution manufacturers are mainly composed of drive variable speed equipment, racks, spindles, grids, slag trays, tooth harrows and drag chains. Driven by the motor, after deceleration by the reducer, the sprocket and the chain are driven to move, fixed on the reverse chain, the decontamination tooth rake chain moves to the bottom behind the grid, and after passing the guide wheel, it flips to the direction of the front of the grid and continues The movement penetrates into the gap of the fixed grid and moves upward, lifts the dirt intercepted in front of the grid to the surface of the water, and follows the movement of the chain to the slag outlet automatically flips, and the dirt is self-unloaded to the conveyor or slag bucket behind the grid In the process, the decontamination process is completed, and the liquid flows through the grid gap of the grid bar, and the entire working state is continuously cycled.

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