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Analyze the structural design of cast iron gate

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2019-10-08

The cast iron gate is mainly composed of two parts: the gate frame and the gate. The gate frame of the cast iron gate is the supporting member of the gate and also the running slide of the gate. It is installed and fixed in the second-stage concrete of the sluice pier and the gate bottom plate by anchor bolts to safely transmit all the water pressure on the gate. Into the lock chamber.

In order to save materials scientifically and rationally and reduce its own weight, the cross-section of the cast iron gate is made into a lattice type, and the size of the cross-section is comprehensively considered according to the load and the operating conditions of the gate. The gate is a movable water retaining member used to close and open the orifice. A cast iron frame beam is arranged around the surface of the gate. In order to improve the strength of the gate, the surface of the gate is made into an arch shape, and the central angle of the arch is designed at 60 degrees to reduce The water pressure on it.

In order to facilitate the manufacture, transportation and installation of the cast iron gate, the gate can be made into upper and lower parts, and then bolted to assemble into a whole after the installation site. The upper and lower plates of the connection are provided with flanges and ribs to make the middle beam of the gate. In order to improve the longitudinal rigidity of the gate, longitudinal ribs are arranged in the width direction to improve its lateral rigidity and at the same time play the role of a longitudinal beam.

The cast iron gate is generally provided with an adjustable wedge device, and the wedge pair is respectively arranged on the door body and the door frame. Adjusting the wedge device can make the door body close to the door frame when the gate is closed to meet the water-stop requirements. Cast iron gates are usually equipped with manual or electric screw hoists, and cast iron gates are used to operate the gate opening and closing.

Cast iron gates have the advantages of simple layout, compact structure, space saving; simple operation and maintenance, and reduced operating costs. However, the cost of cast iron gates is slightly higher than that of steel gates.

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