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Installation of gate hoist

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2019-10-14

The hoist produced by our factory is used in engineering construction, metallurgical industry, mining, road and bridge installation, lifting and hoisting, etc., to improve lifting, installation of equipment, traction belt lifting, foundation piling, cold drawn steel bar, suitable for temperature 25~40 C, the ambient humidity is less than 85%, the height is less than 1000 meters, and the office environment without fire and explosion hazard. When the working level of the crane is A5, the rated pulling force of the crane should be reduced by 20%. Gate hoist.

Inspection content and scope of application of gate hoist before departure

The inspection contents before operation of the gate hoist should include: (1) The locking device should be withdrawn and a mark should be made on the control box of the gate hoist; (2) the opening indicator, the upper and lower travel switches and the overload limit The device should be in good condition; (3) The rotating parts and the opened transmission gear should be unobstructed, and the protective cover should be intact and intact with the rotating position. No scratching state; convenient and reliable braking system; (4) The galvanized steel wire rope does not rust, the steel wire is broken, and the wire rope end positioning device is not firm; (5) Whether the electrical equipment of the control box is intact and whether the wiring is loose.

The installation of the moisture-proof door hoist in the underground shopping mall is introduced in detail.

At present, China has established emergency plans for flood disasters at the provincial, municipal and county levels. The climate, civil affairs, road transportation, land planning and other departments have also developed professional emergency plans. When natural disasters occur during the flood season, they can maintain their respective duties. Disaster emergency plans in urban areas are more focused on real disaster warning information. Among them, "7.18" Jinan City currently has serious leakage in the Ginza underground shopping mall, and the tide gate has been upgraded.

Features and characteristics of gate hoist

The first is corrosion resistance. In other words, this is a kind of equipment that needs to be in contact with water for a long time, so the door gourd is natural and has relatively satisfactory corrosion resistance, so people can use it more effectively. When implementing preset scientific research, producing and manufacturing gate hoist, people need to improve its anti-corrosion performance from various aspects such as material selection and event activation technology, especially in the selection and painting of door and window anti-corrosion coatings. In the middle and late stages, it is necessary to strictly follow the requirements and specifications of the relevant departments, so that the work ability can balance the supply and demand of people. The actual meaning of quantity.

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