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Attention should be paid to the layout (ie installation position) of the hoist hoist

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2019-08-26

Check content and main purpose of hoist before operation

The inspection content before operation of the hoist hoist should include:

(1) The locking device should be withdrawn, and the hoist control cabinet should be hung up with a sign;

(2) The opening indicator, upper and lower limit switches and overload limiter should be in good condition;

(3) Each rolling part, open gear, etc. should have no blocking obstacles, and the protective cover should be intact, and there should be no scratches with the rolling parts; whether the brake is sensitive and reliable;

(4) Whether the wire rope is corroded, broken wire, and whether the rope end fixing device is strong;

(5) Whether the electrical equipment in the control cabinet is intact and whether the wiring is loose; whether the contactors and relays are well connected. Hoisting hoist is relatively common, mostly used on flat gates and arc gates, mainly used for gates that close the orifices by its own weight, water column and other weighting methods and gates that are fully opened for a short time. The arc door needs a special arc door hoist. There are many choices for large reservoirs, shipyards, and hydropower stations.

Mainly used for opening and closing plane gates in water conservancy and hydropower projects. It is used to close the water discharge, water intake and tail water orifices, adjust the electricity of haircuts, discharge floods, let off ships, etc. When the water pipeline or water turbine needs to be overhauled, the inlet gate can be closed for overhaul. This series of hoist is powered by electric motor, medium and small capacity standard, can be equipped with reverse hand crank, and can be used for manual opening and closing of gates. Uses: Widely used in various water conservancy and hydropower projects. Common hoist models are: 1. JK0.5-JK5 single-drum fast hoist 2, JM0.5-JM12.5 single-drum slow hoist 3, JKL1.6-JKL5 slip-on fast hoist 4, JML5, JML6, JML10 sliding type pile driving winch 5, 2JK2-2JML10 double drum winch 6, JT800, JT700 type explosion-proof hoist 7, JK0.3-JK15 electric control winch 9, non-standard winch

The winch hoist has the advantages of compact structure, large carrying capacity, sensitive opening and closing, stable and reliable operation, safe operation, convenient device maintenance, etc. Now, technologically innovative equipment has played a mainstay in the construction of water conservancy and hydropower projects in China. Effect.

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