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Precautions for the selection of stainless steel gates

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2019-07-23

Stainless steel gate is a kind of small flat gate commonly used in water intake and delivery, municipal establishment of water supply and drainage, farmland irrigation and other projects. It is often set at the inlet of channels and culverts. It is used as a working gate to adjust flow, control water level or to close the orifice of the maintenance gate. Water retention. There are two types of cast iron gates: square and round.

The stainless steel gate is generally composed of two parts of the door leaf and the door frame. The material of the door body and the door frame is cast iron ordinary integral casting and integral processing. The door body generally adopts the structural panel of the panel and the reinforced rib, which can be flat or arched. The door body is generally integrally cast and machined, but the larger size can be divided into blocks. The door body generally uses an integral metal water stop and also serves as a supporting slider. The metal water stop is fastened on the door with countersunk screws made of the same material. The screw head and the water stop working surface are processed together with some larger sizes. P" shaped rubber water stop. The door frame is the connecting member between the cast iron gate and the base, which is equivalent to the buried height of the flat steel gate. The door frame includes two parts, a lower door frame and an upper guide rail. Ordinary integral casting of the lower door frame can be used to connect the door frame with bolts and screws or integrally cast with the lower door frame. When the door body is opened to the position, the top of the guide rail should be higher than the center line of the door body.

The gate is generally equipped with adjustable wedge mounting wedge pairs such as blocks and wedges, wedges and eccentric pins. Set on the door body and door frame respectively. The conditioning wedge installation can make the door body tight and the door frame reach the water stop request when the gate is closed. Cast iron gates are usually equipped with manual or electric screw type hoist to operate the gate opening and closing.

Steel gates have the following characteristics: simple layout, compact structure, and space saving; simple operation and maintenance to reduce operating costs, but the cost of cast iron gates is slightly higher than that of steel gates. Strong corrosion resistance. The material of the door body and the door frame is made of cast iron water-stop surface inlaid with copper alloy or stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant materials. It is especially suitable for sewage or seawater environment. Centers with special requests can also use materials with stronger corrosion resistance such as nickel-chromium alloy cast iron. The water-stop pair of the cast iron gate adopts the integral processing and the water-stop effect is good. The metal water-stop has a long service life.

The gate adopts cast iron casting and integral processing. It has the advantages of corrosion resistance, easy maintenance, cumbersome installation, and better self-stopping performance. There are flat type (MB series), arch type (MG series), assembled type (MP series) and A variety of products requested by different heads are available for users to choose, and to manufacture cast iron gates for users' special requests.

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