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Explain stainless steel valve maintenance and order knowledge

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2019-07-30

The operation of stainless steel valves is not simple, so do we know how to operate stainless steel valves? Many products have many skills in the application, so what skills are there when using stainless steel valves? Let's take a look together below!

Stainless steel valve

1. Check in the early stage of application. Before installation, you must carefully check whether the parts of each part of the stainless steel valve gate are fully equipped, including safe ratchets, bolts and other small details. Check, and then check the wire rope to see if the winding is steam. Check when you check each part. See if they are well connected together;

2. Operators need to concentrate when the equipment is working. When the equipment is working, it needs to be guarded by a special person, and it cannot be separated on the way. It is necessary to focus on investigating the operation progress of the stainless steel valve gate. If there is a failure during the operation, it must be handled quickly.

3. The operating environment of the application process must be safe. After checking in place, you can start the machine to work at this time. In the process of application, it is necessary to find a flat, safe and clean ground. Ensure that the device is flat and firm to the touch. Since the machine will produce a lot of strength during the operation process, if the stainless steel valve gate is not firmly fixed on the ground, the machine will be skewed and deviated.

The above is about the application skills of stainless steel valves.

Ordering instructions for stainless steel valves:

1. The complete set of gates supplied by our factory includes gates, hoists, screw rods, drive shafts, etc. The customer shall provide the civil structure drawing of the gate device.

2. The control box can be configured by our company. When ordering, indicate the protection level and the gate control skill requirements of the hoist.

3. The H value of the operating channel from the gate center to the gate hoist is provided by the customer.

4. After installation, the mortar of the secondary pouring part (foundation bolts, wall pipe, door frame and wall gap, etc.) must be dense and without leakage.

5. The positioning of the gate is strong and reliable, the drive shaft and the screw are on the same centerline, and the horizontality error and longitudinal straightness error of the gate frame should be less than 2/1000.

6. The gate door panel should be able to rise and fall sensitively in the gate groove, touch tightly when closed, the position is correct, and the wedge touch is even and tight.

7. The gate hoist should be filled with lubricating oil, the exposed screw rod should be modified with grease, and it is necessary to trip the handwheel to avoid injury when it is electrically driven.

8. The cooperative electric appliance makes the adjustment of the upper and lower stroke limits. The gate should be opened and closed sensitively, and the action should be in place, without jamming, sudden jumping and other abnormal phenomena.

The above is the precautions for ordering stainless steel valves, I hope it will help us.

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