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Operating procedures and precautions for the hoist of sand discharge gate

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2019-06-14

1. Operators must be familiar with the business, concentrate on their thinking, and stick to their jobs.

2. During the operation process, whether it is remote control or on-site operation, a dedicated person should be assigned to monitor by the machine and in the control room.

3. Attention should be paid to the operating conditions of the monitoring gate.

1. Pay attention to whether the gate is moving in the required direction, whether the opening target and the value of each surface target are correct, whether the pointer moves normally, and whether the electrical, hydraulic and mechanical operation is outstanding.

2. For the hoist with two hoisting points independently driven, it should be observed whether the reel speeds are the same and whether the gate tilt exceeds the allowed value. When it is found that the gate hoist is overloaded or the load is zero, it should not be forced to drag or loosen too much. It should be shut down and checked to prevent the gate from getting stuck in the door slot and causing deformation and damage to the gate hoist or gate.

3. When the gate is operating, avoid staying at the opening that is prone to movement.

4. Pay attention to the movement of the gate, start and stop should be stable, and the engagement speed of the door leaf shall not exceed the regulation


5. When operating the gate, pay special attention to the drop of the gate in the water to prevent the gate from getting stuck in the air and falling suddenly.

6. Pay attention to whether there is external force hitting the gate during the movement, such as boulders, floating objects, ice blocks, extra-large wind, and reverse water head that exceeds the standard.

7. During the period of thawing and drifting ice, all the gates should be raised to the surface of the water or controlled with a small opening to prevent the running water from hitting the gates.

8. After the gate opening and closing, the gate opening should be checked.

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