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Why is the chain of the cleaning machine disconnected and derailed?

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2019-07-12

After the chain has been running for a long time, the riveting at the riveting part of the chain plate will be riveted, and the outer chain plate will come out to form a chain break. When the chain transitions to the arc on the reverse side of the grid body, under heavy load conditions, a relatively large pressure is exerted on the bottom rail on the reverse side, which makes the reverse side rail now tilt to form a derailment. The chain is derailed due to the deformation of the toothed rake or the unevenly spread of the large pulling force dragging the chain. In particular, some toxic elements are difficult to dissolve in water and easily accumulate in organisms, causing great damage to humans. When a water body is polluted, on the one hand, it causes damage to the balance between organisms and water, and between organisms and organisms. On the other hand, some toxic substances are transferred and enriched from time to time.CleanerEventually endanger the health and life of mankind itself. Design considerations: The long-pitch plate roller chain is the main moving part of the dirt cleaner (rotary mechanical grid). Regarding the arc transition of the chain, the diameter should be increased as much as possible during the design to ensure the smooth transition. Reduce the pressure on the arc track surface. For the commonly used plate roller chain with a pitch of 125, the transition radius should not be less than 350mm.

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