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Precautions when installing gate hoist

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2019-07-17

The hoisting hoist is suitable for the opening and closing of various hydraulic engineering gates. It can be used with or without power in the plains and mountains. The product is mainly composed of electric motors, couplings, transmission shafts, reducers, AC brakes, open gears, and coils. Part of the cylinder, part of the pulley series, electrical control box, load controller, hand crank and frame. The structure is compact, the load capacity is large, the operation is stable and reliable, the device is easy to maintain, and the design is reasonable. As the lifting distance increases, the product can be equipped with three-body type or drive shaft support. The working principle of the product: The machine adopts YZ series electric motor. When the hoist is working, the electric motor must reverse the running force and pass through the coupling transmission, so that the wire rope can be retracted or released in the spiral groove, so that the gate can be raised and lowered to reach the opening. The effect of closing, the AC brake can make the gate stay in any desired position, and the leakage automaton can automatically leak electricity when the circuit shows a leakage fault, so that the gate hoist can be maintained, and the gate will operate normally after the fault is removed. The hoist hoist is divided into fixed and mobile. The models include QPQ flat gate hoist, QPK fast hoist, QPG high-lift hoist, and QHQ arc door hoist. 3-160T, a total of more than ten specifications. Can be customized according to customer needs.

main products:

(1) LQ type screw hoist series

Hand push screw hoist: 0.5-3T

Side swing screw hoist: 1-5T

Hand screw hoist: 2-20T

Torch dual-purpose screw hoist: 2-50T (single lifting point, double lifting point)

(2) QPQ, QPK, QPG, QHQ type hoisting hoist series, and have single lifting point, double lifting point and equipped with electric drive mobile and fixed type. According to user request and manual setting, the product tonnage is: 3-160T, which can be used with flat plate and arc gate.

(3) Gate series: There are two models of steel structure gate and cast iron gate. The steel structure gate uses high-quality steel plate as the base material, and uses rubber to stop water (it can stop sandblasting and spray anticorrosive metal coating for the surface of the gate). Products can provide drawings for consumption according to user requests. Cast iron gates: flat cast iron gates, curved cast iron gates, high-pressure cast iron gates, two-way water-stop cast iron gates, all kinds of shutter gates, tide gates. According to the needs of users, copper and stainless steel can be used to stop water.

(4) Various specifications of rubber waterstop and expansion joint rubber belts, trash racks, and dirt cleaner series.

Our products are sensitive in opening and closing, durable, good in blocking performance, and high in automation. They are ideal mechanical equipment for water conservancy projects. We are willing to cooperate closely with the water conservancy and hydropower establishment, environmental protection, agricultural development, urban flood control and other departments across the country. Provide our sincere service to the needs of my country's water conservancy business development!

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