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The difference and advantages of hydraulic flap gate and water conservancy automatic control flap gate

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2019-06-14

Advantages of hydraulic flap gate The hydraulic flap gate dam has a large span, simple structure, reliable support, and easy to manufacture; the hydraulic system is sensitive to operation, and can be controlled by buoy switches to complete automatic operation and achieve unmanned management; the dam can basically adhere to The original river channel can discharge the flood freely. Accumulate sediment, pebbles and floating objects upstream without blocking water. Compared with traditional sluices and similar rubber dams, the flow can be large and the discharge flow is large. It is especially suitable for rivers in cold areas where rubber dams are not suitable for making sand, stones, trees, bamboos. It can also adjust the high overflow of the dam arbitrarily, and control the upstream water level and discharge flow; the construction is simple, the construction period is short, and compared with the traditional sluice, the pier is reduced. A large number of metal structure embedded parts and gate opening and closing equipment, concrete engineering A small amount, and then save a lot of money. As long as the dam fan structure and hydraulic system are maintained normally, the durability of the project is longer than that of rubber dams. It is a low-head water-retaining building. Water conservancy hoists are widely used in irrigation, hydropower, and urban beautification. Especially with regard to the cascade development of urban rivers, it can form a wide water surface, add urban scenery belts, and easily form a waterfall landscape on the dam body, which can effectively improve the ecological and cultural environment and improve the social environment of the city. The advantages of automatic water control flap gates are also hydraulic constructions. The cumbersome opening and closing organization of raising gates and arc gates has caused a lot of unnecessary waste. The main manifestation is that special personnel need to be assigned to handle the flood discharge in a timely manner; too many piers affect the discharge of the flood, and a certain amount of capital is added invisibly. Compared with general steel flat gates, the automatic water conservancy automatic control flap gate with active opening and closing function does not require special personnel to operate the discharge of electromechanical equipment, and the discharge is accurate and timely, and it can save manpower and material resources; it completely relies on the rise of water level and the increase of water pressure. When the gate is fully opened, the discharge situation of the river channel is almost the same as that of the river channel. When the water level drops, the gate is gradually closed for water storage, so it is more convenient to use. In addition, its construction is simple. The cost is low. The investment is only about 1/2 of the conventional door; its structure is simple, the production is convenient, the repair is convenient, the cost is low, and it can save money. All the advantages are beyond the reach of the steel plate gate. In the past ten years, with the widespread use of small hydropower stations, the automatic control flap gates for water conservancy have formed a certain market scale, and there has been great progress in technology, and the research on it has become more detailed and deepened:

1. The accuracy of the water level at the gate launch is significantly improved, and it can be launched from 0-15 cm above the top of the gate, and can be adjusted appropriately according to user needs. Accurate and low starting water level can reduce the scale of upstream engulfment.

2. The gate operation becomes more stable. The currently selected roller, guide plate, and connecting rod structure are compared with the original multi-hinge rod slider type and slider support structure. After the gate is activated, it is not easy to shake, and the gate can maintain a consistent operating condition . 3. After years of technical improvements, the gate configuration is more important and more reasonable. It will not slap in the fully open condition due to the bottom counterweight being too large, nor will the bottom counterweight be too small to cause the gate to be closed normally after being fully opened.

The hydraulic automatic control flap gate is widely used:

1. Used in the spillway of the reservoir: it can actively adjust the storage capacity, give full play to the higher benefits of the reservoir, and ensure the safety of the reservoir. Practice has proved that its function is beyond the reach of the usual gates.

2. Used in hydropower stations: According to local hydrological elements, combined with installed capacity, greater economic benefits can be obtained.

3. For shipping and farmland irrigation: it can actively adjust the water level to meet the navigable water depth and irrigation water needs.

4. Used for urban environmental protection: after water storage, it can not only improve the urban ecological environment, but also meet the urban flood control requirements.

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