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Troubleshooting method of screw hoist

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2019-06-14

Screw hoistTroubleshooting method:

1. Regarding the screw-type gate hoist top gate incident caused by non-human factors. During the operation of the gate hoist when the gate hoist is raised or lowered, if there are trees and other floating objects or stones and other obstacles brought to the bottom of the gate by the high-speed water flow Or rush into the gate groove and get stuck. If the gate is closed at this moment, when the lower edge of the gate has been blocked by obstacles before it touches the gate bottom, a reaction force is generated, but the limit mark or limit switch on the screw is not in place. The effect of starting a limit stop or prompting the operator to stop, so the operator will not stop, the gate hoist will drive the gate to continue to press down, when the reaction force exceeds the acceptance endurance of the gate hoist or hoist, it will inevitably occur Brake accident.
2. If the accident of the top gate of the straight-handle hand-push spiral hoist caused by human factors is due to the careless work of the operator of the gate hoist, do not follow the gate opening and closing procedures to check first, and then operate or the original operator asks for leave due to the accident , When the substitute personnel are not familiar with the opening and closing procedures and methods, they operate blindly. If the direction of opening and closing is reversed, the gate is opened when the gate is closed, the wrong button is pressed during electric opening and closing, or the direction is reversed during manual opening and closing, and the closing direction is mistakenly operated as opening; some are in closing The operator's thoughts are not concentrated, and the brake can not stop immediately when the brake reaches the lower limit position. Some of the limit nuts and limit signs of the screw are shifted, which can not have the limit effect. Electric gate hoist will also encounter power supply phase sequence changes when repairing electrical equipment or power supply lines, causing the motor on the gate hoist to change the original working direction, resulting in a change in the hoisting direction. At this moment, the gate is closed. When the gate is opened in the state, a top gate incident will occur.

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