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Sliding trash rack
Sliding trash rack

1. Design and production basis

The design and production of LWS-type planar steel trash racks is implemented in accordance with the standard technical document DL/5018-2004 "Code for Manufacture, Installation and Acceptance of Steel Gates for Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering" by the Ministry of Water Resources of the People's Republic of China.

2. Range of use:

The LWS-type flat steel trash rack is a facility installed at the entrance of the diversion channel of the hydropower station and the entrance and tail gate of the pumped storage power station to block the sinking wood, weeds, branches and other solid debris carried by the water flow. Sundries should not enter the diversion channel to ensure that the gates and turbine equipment are not damaged and the normal operation of the equipment.

3. Technical characteristics

The LWS type plane steel trash rack is composed of a steel frame and a grid welded. The planar steel trash rack has the advantages of beautiful appearance, simple structure, convenient installation, safe operation, strong floating object, long service life, low maintenance cost, etc.

4. User-selected model specifications

LWS type plane steel trash rack, specifications 1000*1000-2000*2000 adopt integral steel structure, specifications 3000*3000-5000*5000 adopt assembled steel structure

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