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Manual gate hoist
Manual gate hoist

There are many requirements for the operation of the gate hoist, so the operator should not only have a deep knowledge of the gate hoist, understand the parts of the gate hoist, but also understand the safe operating procedures of the gate hoist. Introduce us the safe operating procedures of gate hoist.

1. At the time of the construction unit, it is necessary to install the hoist on a flat foundation with good visibility. Together, the body of the hoist and the ground anchor must be strong. The center line of the gate hoist and the guide pulley should be straight, and the interval pulley of the gate hoist should generally be no less than 15 meters.

2. Before adjusting and installing the hoist, check the wire rope, clutch, safety ratchet, transmission pulley, etc., and operate it only after determining that it is safe and reliable. The wire rope must be placed neatly on the drum, and three turns should be kept during operation. During operation, no one is allowed to cross the wire rope of the gate hoist to prevent accidents.

3. When lifting heavy objects to stay in the air, in addition to using the brake, use a ratchet to secure it. During operation, it is prohibited to leave the post without permission.

4. Obey the signal of the commander during work. When the signal is unknown or may cause an accident, the operation should be suspended and the operation can be continued after the situation is clarified.

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