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Flashlight dual-purpose hoist
Flashlight dual-purpose hoist

Detailed information of LQD-10T flashlight hoist

There are more than 20 kinds of hoist product specifications from 0.5T to 100T. Screw hoist: dual-purpose screw hoist with flashlight, hand screw hoist, side-swing screw hoist, hand push belt Locking hoist, fully enclosed screw hoist, double lifting point screw hoist and other series of varieties, and can be equipped with organic locks, altimeters, long-distance control electrical cabinets and other auxiliary devices according to user requirements; hoisting hoists from 6T There are more than 30 specifications to 2X63T, hoist hoist: QPQ type, QPT type mobile hoist hoist, QHQ arc door hoist hoist, QPG high-lift hoist hoist, QPK fast Hoist type hoist. The product has the characteristics of compact structure, large carrying capacity, stable and reliable operation, and convenient repair.

The specifications of cast iron gates range from 0.2X0.2 to 5X5m. Cast iron gates: one-way water-stopping cast iron gates, two-way water-stopping cast iron gates, copper-inlaid cast iron square gates, copper-inlaid cast iron round gates, integrated machine gates, cast iron weir gates, Cast iron buckle gate, cast iron tide gate, high pressure gate, electric gate, manual gate.

Steel gate: plane sliding steel gate, plane conclusion steel gate, curved steel gate, stainless steel gate, stainless steel buckle door, channel steel gate, machine gate integrated channel steel gate. It has the characteristics of good water stopping effect, corrosion resistance, protection-free, and convenient installation.

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