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Electric screw hoist
Electric screw hoist

The screw hoist, also known as the screw hoist, is a machine that uses a threaded rod to connect with the gate leaf directly or through a guide slider and a connecting rod, and the screw moves up and down to open and close the gate. With the widespread development of water conservancy and hydropower projects, a large number of gates have been selected for use in hoists and gates for river embankments and hydropower stations in reservoir irrigation areas. And its equipment debugging skills and common sense of operation and maintenance should also be promoted vigorously. For construction installation units and application management departments, this skill and common sense should be used in order to ensure the quality of the project and bring out the project benefits.

Screw hoist device method:

1. Before installation, be sure to check whether the parts are outstanding, whether the lubricating oil is on the foot, whether the bolts are loose, and whether they are consistent with the relevant technical data.

2. When installing, be sure to adhere to the level of the base placement plane at 180°; the touch area between the base of the hoist and the base placement plane must reach more than 90%; the axis of the screw must be straight on the horizontal plane of the beam on the gate; it must be with the lug hole of the gate. The anastomosis is straight to prevent the screw from tilting, forming a local force and damaging the parts.

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